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Student Driver Job Application

Dear Driver Applicant:

We are pleased you are interested in being considered for a UL bus driver position. The UL bus drivers are essential for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to shuttle our growing enrollment from Cajun Field to Main Campus.  In addition to our daily transit shuttle, we provide transportation services for numerous events including:  local festivals, class/department field trips, new student orientation, Fraternity and Sorority socials, conferences, most athletics, and summer camps.  We also provide a daily night shuttle, weekend shuttle services, and are looking to grow the services we offer.  We will select the most capable and dedicated drivers possible, and are committed to hiring drivers that reflect the diversity of the student population.

Being a bus driver is indeed challenging, but one that is also rewarding and exciting. Please take time to research the driver position by talking to our current drivers.

Driver Minimum Qualifications:

           1. Applicant must be 18 years of age 
           2. Applicant must be available to work 12 hours per week.
           3. Applicant must have a min. 6 class hours per semester.
           4. Applicant must be willing to work with our diverse
                group of drivers.
           5. Applicant must have more than 1 year until graduation.
           6. Minimum Three years U.S. driving experience.

Driver Benefits:

1. Priority scheduling
2. Training to obtain a Class B Commercial Drivers License (CDL)
3. Parking spot near campus ($40/Fa, $40/Sp, $25/Su)
5. Competitive pay 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Bus Yard 482-5305 or Office of Transportation Services at 482-6858 and ask to speak to the Transit Manager.  If you already have a Class A or B license, please apply.  Once again, thank you for your interest in being a driver.


(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Please leave blank if not applicable. Give the mo/yr for each incident with an explanations and details of the violation.
Please list what jobs you've had or what skills you possess.