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Transit Information

Cajun Field bus stop will be relocating to the other side of Cajun Field in front of Russo Park starting Monday August 20, 2018.  Please park on the Bertrand side of Cajun Field.


To minimize traffic congestion on the main campus streets, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Transit System provides buses to transport commuters to the center of campus from Cajun Field.  

A University parking permit is required when parking at Cajun Field. All vehicles parking on campus (including Cajun Field) must have a current permit. The commuter permit does not act as a night permit for parking on campus.  


  Download the Ride Systems app for bus locations and pickup times!  

UL Geaux Ride is a vehicle tracking service that provides users with real-time vehicle locations.  Routes can be selected to determine stop locations and arrival times for the next bus.  Users can also get real-time message updates so that passengers are aware of last minute or future changes to routes. 

There are two different ways to receive this service.
1. Using a browser go to
2. Download the app "Ride Systems"



If you choose to use a browser and go to you will immediately see the map of the university.  You simply select the route you wish to see on the map and you will see it appear.  Selecting a stop on a route will give you access to the next arrival times for that specific stop.  Also, if you select a bus you will be given the next two stops and time to get to each.  If you click on the details of the route you can see a quick view of the next two buses arrival times for all stops. 


If you choose to use the app, you simply...
1. Download "Ride Systems" from the app store. 
2. Select the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as your agency.
3. When the app loads you will first be given a list of routes available.  Highlight which route(s) you would like to see.
4. Close the routes by selecting the "X" at the top right. 
5. View the map and route.
6. Select a stop to view the next bus arrival or select a specific bus for its next stop and time to get there.

By selecting the "i" next to the route you will be given the arrival times for the next two buses for all stops on that particular route. 

Please provide feedback about the app and/or services using the "Send feedback" option found within the app to help improve services. 

Please call our dispatcher at 482-5305 to schedule a ride OR
use the Ride Systems app to request a ride.