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Zone Listing and Maps

Campus Parking Zone Map

Green Residential Permit Zone Map (detail)

Yellow Residential Permit Zone Map (detail)


Parking Zone listing:

1   Martin Hall
2   Foster Hall/Maxium Doucet
2F French House
2RY Roy House
2P Next to The Vermilion
5  Wharton Hall
7  Billeaud Hall/Long Gym
8 Dupre Library
10 Madison Hall
11 Griffin Hall
12 Day Care
13 Girard Park Circle Parking Garage (New in Spring 2017! Visitor(park-and-pay) on floors 1-2; Permit required on floors 3-6)
15 Overflow for most zones
16 Parker Hall/Facilities Maintenance
17 Overflow for Conference Center Residential Parking
29R Conference Center Residential Parking
20 Athletic Complex
22 Olivier Tower Parking Garage (1st and 2nd levels)
23 Legacy Park resident parking
25 Hebrard Blvd.
26 Fraternity Row
27 Rex St.(Conference Center resident parking)
29 Conference Center Lot
32 Brook St. Lot
33 International Student Office
36 Cherry Street Lot
37 Conference Center Basement
38 Bourgeois Hall
39 Print Shop
40 Continuing Education
41 Alumni Center
N  Night Parking
MC Motorcycle

Overflow Zone Parking
Zone Overflow Parking Area
2 (Foster/Maxim/Stephens) Zone 15/EK Long Lot
2F (French House) Zone 15/ EK Long Lot
5 (Wharton) Zone 15/ EK Long Lot
25 (Hebrard) Zone 15/ EK Long Lot
29R (Conference Center) 27 (Rex Street), 17 (Red Zone)
22R (Olivier Fl. 3-6 & Taft Garage) Zone 15/ EK Long Lot

If there is any question regarding overflow parking, please call our office at 482-6858.