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Resident Parking & Permits

Fall 2023 parking permits for students who reside on campus will be available to purchase their residential permits on August 1.

Students who live in the residence halls or family housing are required to purchase permits each semester. Residential students may have one parking permit with one car each semester. The residential student must be the driver of the vehicle.

The car must be registered to a student's parking account before purchasing a permit.  Parking permits are NOT transferable among individuals and any such transfer will be a violation of the "Code of Conduct" and the UL Lafayette Traffic Code.

Permits are a Two Step Process: Vehicle Registration and Purchase Permit

To register your vehicle and purcahse a semester permit, log into the ULink portal, select Campus Services to see the Parking & Transportation Services section. Enter the vehicle information. After the vehicle information has been entered, the second step is to purchase a permit. A confirmation email will be sent if the transaction is successful. No confirmation email = no permit. Go back and try again.

Residential Zone Designation - Zone Map

Baker, Bonin, Coronna, Harris and Huger Halls

  • ZONE 22R Olivier Tower Parking Tower/McKinley Street (3rd level and above) and Taft Street Parking Tower (all levels)
  • Overflow parking is located on the gravel side of Zone 15 located off Girard Park Circle.

Agnes Edwards Hall

  • ZONE 29R on Smith Street and Zone 27 along Rex Street
  • Overflow parking is located on the gravel side of Zone 15 located off Girard Park Circle.

Cajun Village Apartments

  • ZONE 24C (on-site parking)

Legacy Park Apartments

  • ZONE 23L (on-site parking) There is a large amount of parking for the Legacy Park Apartments next to the coulee.

The Heritage Apartments

  • ZONE 17R (on-site parking for over 500 vehicles) Review the Zone Map for Heritage parking.