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Enforcement officers use License Plate Recognition Software to check plates.


Vehicles will only be allowed to back into a space in the event they have a FRONT LICENSE Plate. We realize the State of Louisiana does not require a front license however for enforcement reasons this is now part of the UL at Lafayette Traffic Code. Those vehicles that are not in compliance will be issued citations and after 3 or more will be subject to being booted or towed.

EK Long parking (Zone 15)

The Paid Lot at Zone 15 is no longer general parking and will be by permit only.  All Commuters and or Visitors are required to use the Girard Park Circle Garage and the following rates apply. This is a Pay By Plate system and individuals are required to input their license plate and the amount of time they would like to purchase in one of the conveniently located Pay Stations. Pay Stations are located in each corner of floors 1 through 3.
        1 minute to 2 hours                $5.00
        Each additional hour               $1.00

Registration Information

  1. Individuals will still be REQUIRED to register and have an active parking permit to park on campus.  
  2. YOUR License plate will be your identification for your parking privilege in a specific location.
  3. It is extremely important that YOU CORRECTLY enter in your LICENSE PLATE information when registering your vehicle!
  4. Failure to enter the correct information in Step 3 will result in you being issued a CITATION.
  5. Faculty / Staff will be allowed to register up to 2 License Plates on their account HOWEVER, only one of those vehicles will be allowed on campus at the same time.
  6. Enforcement officers will be utilizing License Plate Recognition Software to check plates and the software is capable of determining if more than one of your registered vehicles is on campus at the same time.
  7. Permits are not transferable. Do not accept any permit from another person. The only valid transfer of permits is through Transportation Services.
  8. Registration and permits are still required for Evening Classes
  9. To register: Get the registration papers from your vehicle and log into your ULINK account, go to Campus Services then access my parking account in the Parking & Transit section.

When entering your license number individuals will also have the ability to input their cell phone number and can then extend their time by using their cell phone. The system will send you a text message when your time is about to expire.  
**Please note that there is a .25 convenience fee for this service that will be added to the cost**


Handicap Permits

Permits for persons with disabilities may be purchased only by individuals who have a handicap license plate or placard and immobility card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicle.

Persons with a legal handicap placard or license plate may park in any legal parking space on campus.