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Citation Appeal


Invalid Appeal reasons include but are not limited to the following and will not be considered as a valid appeal and immediately denied

1. I didn’t see the sign
2. Others were parking there too
3. I was late
4. I could not find another parking space and the lot was full
5. There was no sign that said I could not park there
6. I was only there for a few minutes and had my flashers were on
7. I have always parked there and never gotten a ticket before
8. Other cars were parked there and they didn’t get a ticket
9. I do not agree with the policy or regulation
10. Someone (anyone other than the office of transportation services) told me I could park there.
11. My Zone was full and there was no place to park. View our Parking Zone Map for a list of overflow parking areas for affected lots.
12. I don’t have the ability to pay for this citation

Filing Appeals

An appeal must be made in a timely manner to the Hearing Officer within 96 hours or (4) class days, of the alleged violation. The results of the appeal will be sent to your University email account within two (2) weeks.

Faculty, staff and students with a CLID may only submit an appeal via their parking account. Log into your parking account through, click on Login at the top of the page, select the ULink Login button and then click on the photo of the bus. Emailed appeals from faculty, staff and students with a CLID will be returned without consideration.

Students with only a ULID may submit an appeal via emailing Please use the subject line: Student Without a CLID Appeal 

Visitors - and ONLY visitorsmay submit a parking citation appeal by emailing or mail to: P O Box 43618, Lafayette, La.  70504. Please use the subject line: Visitor Citation Appeal.  

If the appeal is denied at the initial level, you must come into the office to place your name on the list for the next scheduled hearing of the Parking Appeal Committee.