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Parking and Permits

UL Lafayette requires all vehicles parked on campus to have a current parking permit with the exception of  designated Visitor Parking areas. Faculty and staff permits are annual permits renewable in August each year. All other permits are semester only permits. Semester permits typically are available in mid-July for the fall semester,  late November for the spring semester and early May for the summer semester.

Transportation Services uses virtual permits and License Plate Recognition (LPR) software. Departmental vehicles have mounted cameras that scan license plates to confirm vehicles conform with the UL Traffic Code. Therefore, all license plates must be visible from the aisle. 


Vehicles will only be allowed to back into a space in the event they have a FRONT LICENSE Plate. We realize the State of Louisiana does not require a front license however for enforcement reasons this is now part of the UL at Lafayette Traffic Code. Those vehicles that are not in compliance will be issued citations and after 3 or more will be subject to being booted or towed.

Paid Parking on Campus

The former Paid Lot at Zone 15 is now a permit only lot and no longer a paid parking area.  All commuters without a permit for parking on the main campus and all visitors should use the Girard Park Circle Garage located at 138 Girard Park Circle. This is a Pay By Space system where individuals will park and pay before exiting the garage. Payment is for an estimated amount of time using the rates below. The vehicle's license plate is required to purchase time at the pay station. Pay Stations are located in each corner of the garage on floors 1 through 3. Pay Stations only accept debit or credit cards. Cash and cash cards are not accepted. 
        1 minute to 2 hours                $5.00
        Each additional hour              $1.00

When entering the license number, individuals will also have the ability to input a cell phone number enabling users to extend their time via text. The system will send you a text message when your time is about to expire. Simply respond with 60, 120, 180, etc and the system will extend your time and charge the additional hours to the card used for the initial transaction. The text requesting additional time should be sent at least 2-3 minutes before the original time expires. Once time is expired, it may not be extended. If an extended time is not desired, no further action is needed.
**Please note that there is a .25 convenience fee for this service that will be added to the cost**

Permits are a Two Step Process: Vehicle Registration and Purchase Permit

  1. When purchasing a permit for the first time, individuals will need to REGISTER their vehicle in their parking portal and then obtain a permit. Once a vehicle is linked in the portal, it does not need to be entered again. If the license plate changes or a new vehicle is purchased, this information will need to be entered and linked to the active permit. A vehicle is REQUIRED to register and have an active parking permit to park on campus at all times.
  2. YOUR License plate will be your identification for your parking privilege in a specific location. All vehicles must be parked so a license plate is visible from the aisle.
  3. It is extremely important that YOU CORRECTLY enter in your LICENSE PLATE information when registering your vehicle!
  4. Failure to enter the correct information in Step 3 will result in a CITATION.
  5. Faculty / Staff will be allowed to register up to 2 License Plates on their account HOWEVER, only one of those vehicles will be allowed on campus at the same time. Enforcement officers will be utilizing License Plate Recognition Software to check plates and the software is capable of determining if more than one of your registered vehicles is on campus at the same time.
  6. Permits are not transferable. Do not accept any permit from another person. The only valid transfer of permits is through Transportation Services.
  7. Registration and permits are still required for parking on campus at night.
  8. To register: Get the registration papers from your vehicle and log into your ULINK account, go to Campus Services then access my parking account in the Parking & Transit section.

Handicap Permits - New Process starting Fall 2020 for Employees and Students

The Office of Transportation Services is moving to electronic submission of state issued handicap credentials to obtain a handicap parking permit for students and employees starting August 3, 2020. This change is being put into place in an effort to reduce the foot traffic in our lobby for the safety of the students, employees and our staff.

Students who had a handicap parking permit for the spring 2020 semester and whose state issued credentials are still in effect should send an email that includes their full name, ULID and cell phone number to requesting to purchase their fall 2020 commuter handicap parking permit online. We will confirm we have all the necessary credentials on file and then send an email within 2 business days with instructions. If we have any questions, we will email or call. Locations for parking for students with a commuter handicap parking permit can be found on the Zone Map.

Faculty and staff who wish to renew their annual handicap parking permit should send an email to requesting to purchase their 2020-2021 parking permit online. We will confirm we have the credentials on file and send email within 2 business days with instructions.

Faculty, staff and students who are obtaining a handicap parking permit for the first time or have new credentials from the state should send an email that includes their full name, ULID, cell phone number and an electronic copy of their current drivers license, mobility impaired card and handicap placard or vehicle registration. All three must be currently in effect to be considered.

Electronic copies of the drivers license, mobility impaired card and handicap placard/vehicle registration should be clear and legible to be approved quicker. We do reserve the right to request the original credentials be brought into our office. If we have any questions about your request or your submission, we will email or call.

If a handicap parking permit is needed sooner than two business days, individuals are welcome to come into our office provided it is open to the public at that time.

Questions may be emailed to