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Visitor Parking Coupon Code Request Form

The Visitor Parking Coupon Code gives a department the ability to provide guests with a paid parking space.  The codes are valid only in the Girard Park Circle Parking Garage at the rate of $5.00 per day, per use.  The guest is allowed to park for the entire day.

There are two types of Visitor Parking Coupon Codes available.  The first is issued for the current fiscal year and is renewable each year.  The second is issued for a specific date and/or time frame.  Please specify which type of code is being requested when completing this form.

It is the responsibility of a department to provide their code to guests.  Transportation Services will not give this code to anyone other than the designated person listed on this form.

Departments are responsible for any and all charges that occur as a result of the coupon code.  If you feel a code is being misused, you may request a new code by contacting us at  A new code can be issued; however, your department is responsible for any and all charges occurred prior to the request of a new code.

By submitting this form and requesting a code, you are authorizing the Office of Transportation Services to charge your budget code based on the number of times your designated code is used per month.

This is the budget that will be charged at the end of each month for the number of times the Coupon Code has been used