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Charter Contract and Request Form

Terms & Conditions

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University of Louisiana at Lafayette  
Office of Transportation Services
Charter Bus Contract


This document contains the terms and conditions between UL Lafayette Office of Transportation Services (OTS) (the carrier) and the client.  This document, when submitted by the client will constitute a legally binding contract.  Please carefully read the entire contract before submitting.  Any errors or omissions should be brought to the attention of the carrier for correction before submitting.

Charter Payment Requirements:

  • 2 weeks prior required if requesting 1-3 busses;
  • 1 month prior required if requesting 4 or more busses.
    *Charters WILL NOT be scheduled until the quoted amount has been paid.  Once paid, to have time to actually schedule the charter, it must meet the payment requirements or a $75 late fee will be applied. 

A $75 late fee will be added to all charters booked with less than the notice requirements with the understanding that the charter may not get booked due to the availability of drivers. 

Transportation Services will not accept charter requests more than 90 days in advance of the date a charter is needed.

Capacity: Buses seat 38 passengers and are not equipped with a restroom (18 max during COVID). Standing will only be permitted for events on UL Lafayette's campus.

ITINERARY: Driver will be furnished a copy of the itinerary, and he/she will be instructed to strictly follow it. Please consider loading time when requesting a pickup time.  The driver does not have authority to make changes to the trip schedule without prior approval from the carrier and contracted client. If agreed upon, client shall be responsible for all additional hourly charges plus any additional fees that may be incurred. Additional charges will be charged or invoiced within 30 business days following the charters completion.

FEES FOR ALL CHARTERS: EFFECTIVE JAN 1, 2022 Charter prices will increase. SEE BELOW.

$75 per hour per bus with a consecutive two (2) hour segment. 

Charter charges start 30 minutes before pick up time and ends when the bus arrives back to our yard at completion of continuous service.

​ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Client is responsible for all tolls, parking, driver lodging and/or attractions. Groups are to provide each driver with a single bedroom (when applicable).  Cleaning and additional service hours will be charged when applicable.

(As of March 1, 2017) - Any charter outside the hours of operation will be charged a 4 hour minimum. 



Bus or Event Cancelations made within 72 hours from departure time will be charged $44 per bus. 

Cancelations made within 24 hours from departure time will be charged the 2 hour minimum per bus at current charter rate.

Failure to notify Transportation Services of the event cancelation will result in full payment of the quoted price.  

UL Lafayette OTS does not provide "on call" service based on weather without full payment of charter.

UL Lafayette OTS reserves the right to cancel any charter for non-payment of previous charters or unsigned contracts without notice.

The client is responsible for any repairs or damages outside of normal maintenance and cleaning that occurs during the contract period. Smoking is prohibited while on the bus.

LIABILITY: The carrier does not guarantee to arrive or depart from any point at a specific time, but will make every effort to maintain the schedule submitted by the client.  The carrier will not be held responsible for any cancelation or delay due to any situation that is deemed unsafe to operate the charter services by the carrier.   Additionally, the carrier shall not be responsible for any damages that result from a cancelation or delay.  The carrier will not be held liable for any damage, theft or loss of the client’s or passenger’s property.  UL Lafayette OTS reserves the right to refuse to transport any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol, whose conduct is considered inappropriate, or prevents the safe operation of the bus.

These conditions are designed to achieve maximum safety and comfort for customer and operator.  
We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with excellent service.

All charters expecting to pay via LaCarte Card must get a pre approval in chrome river prior to scheduling a charter.