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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can charter a bus?

Students, faculty, and staff can request charters for UL Lafayette related events.  Authorized events which rent out university property may also request charter service.

What information do I need to make a Charter Request?

  • Location/address for pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Times for pick-up and drop-off  ( Include time for loading- usually 5 -15 minutes )
  • Number of passengers
  • Phone number of on-site contact for the event (primary / secondary contacts)
  • Departmental account section and billing code, if applicable.
  • You may submit a detailed itinerary in the comments or your charter request or attached it as a file.

When should I charter a bus?

  • 2 weeks notice required if requesting 1-3 buses;
  • 1 month notice required if requesting 4 or more busses.

A $75 late fee will be added to all charters booked with less than the notice requirements.

Transportation Services will not accept charter requests more than 90 days in advance of the date a charter is needed.

We will determine if a trip can occur based upon availability, and email a reply within 2 business days.  Further planning for an event may occur if needed.

How do I get a quote or check for availability?

Make a online charter request and state that you just want a quote in the comments.  We will send you a quote within 2 business days.  You charter will not be booked unless you rely otherwise in an email.  Without a booking your charter will not be reserved.  Your quote is valid for 30 days from the quote date.

To check for availability, please email the transit operations manager.

How do I request a charter?

All requests must come, via our online request form.

After the trip is approved, the department/organization shall provide the itinerary a minimum of one (1) week before the event. Only the Director of Transportation Services may waive this requirement under special circumstances.

What else do I need to know?

Transportation Services reserves the right to make adjustments and/or changes to the suggested routing and pick-up and drop-off locations for the event.

Once Transportation Services receives your request we will: 

  • reply within 2 business day of the submission
  • Ask any needed questions regarding itinerary and pickup locations
  • Provide a quote with the estimated cost of the event
  • Ask that the itinerary be finalized within 24 hours of the event with no changes or modifications.

If, at any time, the itinerary changes, Transportation Services should be immediately notified of the change.

The bus will arrive at the designated pick-up location within 10 minutes before the departure time and will arrive within 10 minutes at the drop-off point for the return trip.  It may not arrive until the time indicated on the itinerary. It is understood that those requesting service are not to contact dispatch to request the bus arrive any earlier than indicated on the approved itinerary.   The bus may be available but there is no guarantee by Transportation Services that this may occur.

The bus is considered late if it arrives more than 10 minutes past the pick-up time(s) as indicated on the itinerary. If the bus encountered delays, Dispatch will immediately contact the point of contact at the event to inform them of the delay. If significant delays are encountered, either picking up from either pick-up points, the final bill will be adjusted.