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COVID-19 Response

The health and safety of our students, employees, and visitors are of the utmost importance to the University. The Office of Transportation Services has assessed possible risks and developed the following protocols and procedures to help mitigate those risks.

If you have questions about how the Office of Transportation Services is handling safety for COVID-19, contact us via email or call 337-482-6858.

Visit the University's COVID-19 response website for more information about how the University is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the health of all students and employees.

Summer 2020   |    Fall 2020

Summer 2020


Due to the limited number of students on campus, bus and shuttle service has been suspended until the Fall semester.


  • Parking permits will not be required this summer.  Students may park freely in designated areas on campus for access to University wi-fi for "drive-up instruction" of their online courses.
  • Citations will not be issued for not having a permit but all other parking rules will apply.
  • Hourly parking in the parking towers will be free for the summer semester.
  • The Office of Transportation Services lobby will be closed until further notice as the office is working remotely.


Parking & Transit Changes Fall 2020

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and are making transportation decisions as new information emerges. Please check back frequently for updates.

Buses & Shuttles to and from Cajun Field & Bourgeois Hall

Students who ride the buses to and from Cajun Field, Bourgeois Hall, and main campus will be required to wear a face mask or face covering. All buses will have limited seating — at most, that is 18 passengers at a time. Passengers will load and unload from the rear doors to limit exposure issues, and every other seat will be blocked to ensure social distancing.

It’s important to know that these added safety measures will make wait times for the buses longer. We encourage you to build more time into your schedule or use the on-campus paid parking spaces when possible to reduce wait times for the buses at Cajun Field (however, we understand this isn’t feasible for all students).

New Pay Lot Added on Mildred Street

A new pay by the hour parking lot has been added for student and visitor use on Mildred Street behind the Continuing Education Building. This new lot will offer an additional parking option for students who would like to park closer to campus. This lot will operate the same as the pay by the hour floors in Girard Park Circle Parking Tower on campus. Individuals will pay for an estimated amount of time at the kiosks at the time they park their car.

When using the pay lots, individuals should make a note of their license plate information since this information is required during the payment process. Kiosks only accept a credit or debit card and do not accept cash. Individuals will enter their card in the slot and follow the prompts to complete the payment. Payment must be made at the time the car is parked for the estimated time the vehicle will be parked in the lot.

There is an option to enter a phone number during the payment process. This allows the system to send a text message approximately 10 minutes before expiration time reminding them time is about to expire. If additional time is needed, replying to the text with minutes in 60 minute increments allows the system to charge their payment card for the additional time plus a convenience fee of 25 cents.

Fall 2020 Permit Sales

For complete information on all student permits for the fall 2020 semester, please visit our News Webpage

Permit Purchase Options

Purchase your parking permit online or at the Office of Transportation Services. To purchase online:

  • Log into ULink at
  • On the Campus Services tab, in the Parking and Transportation section, click the Access My Parking Account link. Select Get Permits and follow the prompts.
  • Your permit is successfully purchased when you receive a confirmation email to your University-issued email address. If you do not receive confirmation, contact the Office of Transportation Services at

Purchase your permit at the Office of Transportation Services at 619 McKinley St., suite 100. You must have your student ID, vehicle registration, and payment. Payments accepted include debit/credit card, money order, and Cajun Cash. Checks and cash are not accepted. The office will be closed for the summer. Please check our Facebook page toward the end of July for lobby hours in effect on August 3. 

Handicap Parking Permits - NEW PROCESS starting Fall 2020

The Office of Transportation Services is moving to electronic submission of state issued handicap credentials to obtain a handicap parking permit for students and employees starting August 3, 2020. This change is being put into place in an effort to reduce the foot traffic in our lobby for the safety of the students, employees and our staff.

Students who had a handicap parking permit for the spring 2020 semester and whose state issued credentials are still in effect should send an email that includes their full name, ULID and cell phone number to requesting to purchase their fall 2020 commuter handicap parking permit online. We will confirm we have all the necessary credentials on file and then send an email within 2 business days with instructions. If we have any questions, we will email or call. Locations for parking for students with a commuter handicap parking permit can be found on the Zone Map.

Faculty and staff who wish to renew their annual handicap parking permit should send an email to requesting to purchase their 2020-2021 parking permit online. We will confirm we have the credentials on file and send email within 2 business days with instructions.

Faculty, staff and students who are obtaining a handicap parking permit for the first time or have new credentials from the state should send an email that includes their full name, ULID, cell phone number and an electronic copy of their current drivers license, mobility impaired card and handicap placard or vehicle registration. All three must be currently in effect to be considered.

Electronic copies of the drivers license, mobility impaired card and handicap placard/vehicle registration should be clear and legible to be approved quicker. We do reserve the right to request the original credentials be brought into our office. If we have any questions about your request or your submission, we will email or call.

If a handicap parking permit is needed sooner than two business days, individuals are welcome to come into our office provided it is open to the public at that time.

Questions may be emailed to