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Riding University Streets

View a diagram of the St. Mary bike lane.

Travel direction

Cyclists must travel in the same direction as motor vehicle traffic. Cyclists are instructed not to ride against traffic.

Combined right turn lanes

Because of right-turning vehicle and bicycle conflicts, combined turn lanes will be shared by bicycles and right-turning motor vehicles. Combination bike/motor vehicle turn lanes will be located at Rex St., Hebrard Blvd., Girard Park Circle and McKinley St. Bicycles going straight in the bike lane and right turning vehicles must line up within space provided in the combination lane. 

Bicycles intending to turn right should shift toward the center of the right turning lane and get in line with motor vehicles turning right. Green pavement markings indicate the conflict zone which means there is a potential for motor vehicles and bicycles to conflict with each other. In the green conflict zones, motor vehicles must yield to bicycles.

Bicycle left turns

Bicyclists wishing to make a left turn off of St. Mary onto side streets are encouraged to exit the bike path and then walk their bicycles across the street using a designated crosswalk.

Example of Queuing

Download a PDF for a full view of St. Mary.

Transition from bike lane to shared roadway

Due to roadway width constraints, the bike lane will transition into Shared Roadway in both travel directions approaching Johnston Street. Motorists will need to be mindful of merging cyclists and cyclists will need to be aware of vehicle traffic approaching from behind as they merge.

Where roadway width is limited, sharing the lane and/or passing cyclists is not allowed. Cyclists may use the full lane of traffic and motorists must fall in line behind or in front of bicycles where they enter the motor vehicle travel lane from the bike lane.

The bike lane will also transition to shared roadway immediately prior to the project boundaries—just before Taft/ Girard Park Drive (southbound) and St. Landry (northbound).